Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Downward Spiral

So it has begun. In keeping with the mandate set forth in one of my previous posts, Vasavia has been making great strides. The last week has been an eventful one. Truth be told, it's been about the most active week Vasavia has had in quite some time. The day that journal entry was created, Vasavia strapped into her pod and set out for more fun.

Gunpoint has been very active in the last week. Part of this is due to the simple fact that we've been enjoying a small spike in membership. Having now grown to a small band of 11 capsuleers (about 8 or 9 of which are regularly active), most of whom have an abundant amount of pvp experience, we now have the backbone to take on more gangs then we previously could confidently engage. Couple this with the fact that we also enjoy pretty healthy relationships with some other Molden Heath pirate corps we not only have our own bigger internal resources to pull from, but also that of our friends. Thus, the opportunities for better engagements has opened up quite a bit.

In all honesty, the past week and a half or so has been the most fun I've had in New Eden since first starting my journey down Yarr-bear Lane. Don't get me wrong, running around with Sard, Raxip, and others has always been fun. Shooting shit, getting blown up ourselves, has never ceased to be of utmost fun. Lately though, the mood, the action, the explosions, they're just fucking moar fun now. I think a huge part of the increased fun comes from one common denominator - Gunpoint as a corp has started the great flashy downward spiral (again).

Sard had previously expressed to us the tactical importance of staying above Concord's threshold for labeling capsuleers "criminal". Naturally, he was right. It does make more sense, especially in lowsec where the non-aggressor in a fight taking place on a gate would enjoy the support of the sentry guns. Honestly though, we were finding ourselves spending a considerable amount of time taking bounties on Angel rats in GW to try to keep ourselves within the "decent"-graces of Concord, and not getting decent fights unless we were the aggressor on the gate (which defeated the whole purpose of staying above Crim status).

When I made the "New Year. New Rage." post I linked above, I didn't know it at the time, but Sard also shared my sentiments. He actually was already back to being a criminal. I had some catching up to do. Having thrown our previous concerns regarding our security standings out the window, as well as the old tactics playbook, we set out in the last week simply to rage on everything we came across that was an advantageous target. Given the 75 kills (give or take - I counted quickly) we've enjoyed since just this past Friday alone, it indeed was a good change in operations.

As a side note, today marks my 1-year anniversary with Gunpoint Diplomacy since returning to her from my brief excursion into null-sec with another outfit - as detailed in this blog post. I can honestly say, I couldn't be happier that my 1-year mark has fallen at this point in time in Gunpoint's history because it's the most fun I think any of us have had in a long while. It's been an absolutely fantastic return to pirating roots, just getting out there and shooting everything, our gangs scooting around Molden Heath flying with reckless-abandon once again. And quite frankly, Sard and the entire [RANSM] family are the best people I've ever met through an online game. Love em all.

The last couple weeks have been filled with so many kills, all of which providing great lolz, and fun times that no one in particular stands out enough to really detail thoroughly (because they were all just fantastic fun - you'd be reading this post for days if I tried to detail everything). So, a link to the front page of our Killboard will have to suffice for juicier details on the recent actions/violence [RANSM] has achieved. That being said, I raise my glass for moar [RANSM] infused Violence.


p.s. [RANSM] I <3 U FOR EVA


  1. I am so glad that I'm on board. I'm really enjoying my time thus far as a RANSM pilot and long may it continue! I too share that same excitement that you talk of, times are good!


  2. Glad you're enjoying your new home MB :)

    Looking forward to more Funcapades!